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September 17, 2014, 20.00

«GogolFest», Inzhenernaya st. 7v, Vydubichi metro station

Small theatre stage.

The ticket price: 100 UAH.

The language of performance: Ukrainian and French with subtitles.


International Ukraine-Swiss project. 


Visually-musical-dramatic performance "Hamlet. Babylon"


«Hamlet. Babylon» - is the author's interpretation of the texts of writers from different historical periods on Shakespeare's "Hamlet", strung on modern problems of global multiculturalism. The combination of the Ukrainian folklore with the concepts of the Zurich school of music, dramatic actors playing, several European theater schools and artistic development of modern technological tools. A new area of human existence has formed in front of our eyes - its virtual world, where life is sometimes more intense than in reality.

A drama of project's hero of «Hamlet. Babylon» is hero's fight with himself, conquered the virtual world, search shelter on the land we called «Home» and finally, lose yourself, as a person, as an individual in the modern world. Hamlet becomes a victim of personal clones, personal avatars in the virtual world and entire irresponsibility for his own life. Only the revenge remains, the revenge of himself, the revenge of parents, of ancestors for the modern lack of implementation of the man.

The main theme of the play - The Danish pilgrim, who travelling to countries and playing the performance on the language of the people, which land he moves. He is the eternal search of his home - the land where it's possible to take roots, but always leaves only ashes behind.

Director: Dmitry Kostyuminsky 

Visual part: TENPOINT (Max Poberezhskiy, Alex Tishenko), Dmitry Kostyuminsky

Composer: Alex Retinskiy

Dramaturgy: Catherine Babkina

Text: William Shakespeare, Heiner Müller, Catherine Babkina

Translator: Irina Dmytryshyn 

Musicians: Anna Okhrimchuk, Tatiana Gavriliuk, Alina Matoušek, Konstantin Povod, Victoria Litvinenko

Light: Maria Volkova, Dmitry Kostyuminsky, Daniella Milkovič

Director of Photography: Sergey Stefan

Hamlet - Bartholomew Sozansky
Gertrude - Victoria Litvinenko 
Ophelia - Tatiana Gavriliuk

Butler - Olesiy Retinskiy

Technical support: Artem Shurgalskiy, Ian Jolie

Printing Design: Sergey Chebotarev

Product: Korpus Animus / DollMen with the support of programm "i3" Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation "Development of Ukraine", FSM «GogolFest», Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine, Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of Geneva, Geneva DIP, Loterie Romande, Göhner Foundation Fund sponsorship SIG, Intermittent Fund, SIS Migros.