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This is a place for the meeting of sand animation masters as well as a creative field where viewers can explore this kind of art and watch pros creating.
This fest is a one-day event on the GOGOLFEST territory. All participants of the SAND SHINE are winners. The goal is to establish an atmosphere of creativity and free communication. All MASTERS will get their page in our fest e-catalog. This is a platform for the experience exchange and communication with the audience. Fantasy and improvisation are welcome. Our task is to open the art of sand animation and to search for all possible forms of its expression.
Welcome!  September 26, 2015  12 p.m. - 8 p.m. 
Location:  1 Academic Glushkov prospect, pavilion  №11, National Expocenter of Ukraine  VDNKh, GOGOLFEST, Kiev.
Organization: PLAY of LIGHT Studio with the assistance of GOGOLFEST.
Concerning the participation in the fest please contact the curator Ivan Bilostotskyi.
tel. 063 737 92 07