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In the end of October at the bookstore called “YE” with support of  Ukrainian Biennale 2015 will be the presentation of the book well- known Ukrainian journalist and actress Olena Chekan. 
The book “Olena Chekan. Der Konterfei” edited by her son Bogdan  Chekan has inside a great number of interviews with the famous representatives of art and virtues of the European Democratic society leaders such as Tomas Venclova, Régis Wargnier, Lina Kostenko, Akhmed Zakayev, Valentin Silvestrov, Andriy Rebet, Dmitry Gorbachev, Alain Blum and others.
The future journalist was born 24 of April 1946 in Kyiv. In 1972 she graduated from the Theater Institute B. Shchukin in Moscow, and later worked at the Kyiv Film Studio O.P. Dovzhenka. Olena had  her first honor with her solo performances on the motives of poetry  Marina Tsvetaeva and Lesya Ukrainka. In 2001 Olena wrote script  for sharing with Yuriy Makarov 4-part film "My Shevchenko", which  later nominated by Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine. Olena Chekan was working as correspondent for “TvzhdenUA” from the first day of magazine and was part of the National Union of Cinematographers, theatrical figures and journalists of Ukraine.Presentation of the book will guide journalist Yuriy Makov, specialist in film studies Serhiy Trimbach, the owner of publishing house Dmitriy Burago and theater director Serhiy Proskurnia. 
Presentation of the book conducted as promoted GOGOLFEST.