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Public organization “CUC” (“Contemporary Ukrainian Cinema”) took the responsibility for preparing and coordination of the “GOGOLFEST’15”’s cinema program. These are young Ukrainian cinematographers who incorporated in order to popularize contemporary Ukrainian cinema, develop professional standards and provide help for entering cinematographers. 
For the first time on “GOGOLFEST” there will be held a special professional contest – “CinemaView CUC: ON/OFF”. This is a new and unique for Ukrainian experience format – screening, made by directors for directors. The main aim of this event is to give the young filmmakers the opportunity to meet their audience, understand its wants and expectations. The contest contents two programs: “ON” and “OFF”. The participants of the “ON” program are introduced in 5 categories: short, documentary, animated movies, music video and video-art. These movies will be judged by the viewers only by vote. 
“The benefit of this specific format as CinemaView consists in paying the filmmakers’ attention especially on the audience, as a full participant of the national cinema process, and also developing skills of communication whit it. This is an integral part of the author’s professional incipience and a condition of profitability of the National cinematography” – commented Vlad Troitskiy, the founder of “GOGOLFEST”. 
The organizators of the contest deliberately refused to invite a professional juries because it is interesting to know exactly the viewer’s opinion. That is why the main prize of the Contest will be given to a movie which will be chosen by the audience despite its technical, aesthetical characteristics, subject or genre. 
There will be individual prizes from the professional society. All the prizes will be given in order to help the 
winners work on their next projects.Simultaneously to the “ON” program there will be an “OFF” program, which will be showing the films which were not chosen for the contest.  
To participate in “CinemaView CUC: ON/OFF” there were more than 180 applications sent. Among them: 80 fictional movies, 37 non-fictional, 16 animated movies, 26 music videos and also 26 video-art  projects. The results of selection to the contest will be unveiled soon.