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Policy of Paid Events

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CUC On. Contemporary non-fiction films

  • 25.09.2015
  • 16:30
  • Cinema
    Cinemathetre (6 Pavillion)

Authors of short films
Entrance free

dir. Anastasiia Tykha 
“Love is the law” - the walls in Kyiv say. It feels like a certain message. This fact turns the ordinary sign into the ritual with a significantly deeper meaning. But how do the ordinary people react to this sign? And what was the idea the author had behind it? 
dir. Oleksandr Navrotskyi 
A story about daily routine of people, who were forced to live in one house. I’d like to tell and show a romantic documentary ballad about this deteriorating house, made with humble shots. Seldom these are shots filled with metaphors and poetry. It’s a story about souls of people who live there, about their happiness and griefs, about the search of kindness and beauty, about the necessity to believe, love and hope. 
dir. Galyna Lavrinets’ 
Volodymyr Kalnenko — is a free artist, who was acknowledged in St. Petersburg, had a broad circle of acquaintances, money and a workshop. After his comeback to Ukraine, everything changed rapidly. Great difficulties arise before the artist. Because every created is thin-skinned before the grey daily routine. The hero makes confessions, summarising that while God gives him the opportunity to draw, he has to.. 
dir. Andranik Berberian and Ali Khmaidush 
Filled with energy and enthusiasm, 27-year old Ali, arrives in Ukraine to study. In a few month in his motherland, Syria, a war starts. Being far from home, the young boy has to face the last days of the world, in which he grew up. Having lost everything he loved, Ali begins remembering and thinking, trying to understand what was that, that turned his country into ashes.