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Policy of Paid Events

Entrance to the festival is paid during 11 days.

Price: 50 UAH, (opening day - 80 UAH)

From Monday till Friday - from 15:00 to 23:30
Saturday and Sunday - from 12:00 to 23:30

The entrance ticket allows to visit the territory of the festival and free events.

There is a separate ticket to the paid events, which you can buy online, at the box office in the city or near the entrance to the festival). This separate ticket allows not buying the entrance ticket to the event area.

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Nylka and Vylka - PART 1 - show children

Nylka and Vylka - PART 1 - show children

  • 25.09.2015
  • 18:00
  • Theater

Elena Gremina

Entrance free - 200 UAH for adult, 100 UAH for children 

This performance is addressed to the youngest audience - preschoolers aged 4 years and younger students. But adults watching it with pleasure.

The first part of the performance - a rehearsal, which involved young viewers. Children see what's inside the theater, understand what a rehearsal in which they participate. And then comes the actual performance, in which children are involved the audience with the actors.

... A young kindergarten teacher Maya Ivanovna is, after graduating from college, the first time to work in a kindergarten №5. Maya Ivanovna very good teacher, she received five on subjects such as feeding naughty child, Washing Chumazikov, Laying Neposedy sleep. The way will be the first day of Maya Ivanovna it depends what you take her to work in a kindergarten №5. And it would be good, but on this day in the garden brought the two sisters - Nylka and Vylka... A series of pranks Nylki and Vylka and how to cope with them trying to Maya Ivanovna and make the vicissitudes of the play. But everything ends well!

Children spectators are actively involved in the game, they ask the characters of the play, how to behave and that now need to be taken to rectify the situation. Children have the opportunity to "try on" the role of the teacher who tries to reason with awful naughty children, answer questions, why should eat porridge for breakfast and whether you can be rude to an adult. Also, viewers will play, sing and dance along with the performers and puppets.