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Policy of Paid Events

Entrance to the festival is paid during 11 days.

Price: 50 UAH, (opening day - 80 UAH)

From Monday till Friday - from 15:00 to 23:30
Saturday and Sunday - from 12:00 to 23:30

The entrance ticket allows to visit the territory of the festival and free events.

There is a separate ticket to the paid events, which you can buy online, at the box office in the city or near the entrance to the festival). This separate ticket allows not buying the entrance ticket to the event area.

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Tasting teaser "As I was Alice... The Art of Love"

  • 25.09.2015
  • 22:00
  • Theater
    Main Stage-1 (9 Pavilion)

Vlad Troitskyi, Dakh Daughters

Entrance fee - 350 UAH

On the play 6 different stories, united by themes of childhood, growing up and love will be presented to viewers. Basis of the performance consists of texts from the "Song of Songs" Old Testament, Lewis Carroll`s "Alice in Wonderland", ethnic song «Khody-khody, pannochka" and of personal experiance of girls from Dakh Daughters. "In the future the project "As I was Alice ... The Art of Love " will become an almanac of 6 cartoons for woman audience on TV. Each of the Dakh Daughters members has own special story to tell. It will be a completely new project, you will see changes even in clothes, wich this time will be red. On 25th September on GOGOLFEST people will hear kind of a music tasting set "- said Vlad Troitsky. "This is a sketch of the big project. Originally we planned two different performances - "As I was Alice" and "The Art of Love". But eventually they joined into one: Vlad came up with idea to show how little Alice, who has turned into an adult woman understands what love is and her understanding the world around. The project has two messages: the art of love and Alice, her childhood memories. Each of us will talk about her own wandering in a strange bizarre world wich has no explenation. We are beginning to understand it, but at the same time we also return to childhood. It all started with Lewis Carroll`s Alice and we decided to look into its essence for our own interpretation "- told Solomiya Melnyk, Dakh Daughters.