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Policy of Paid Events

Entrance to the festival is paid during 11 days.

Price: 50 UAH, (opening day - 80 UAH)

From Monday till Friday - from 15:00 to 23:30
Saturday and Sunday - from 12:00 to 23:30

The entrance ticket allows to visit the territory of the festival and free events.

There is a separate ticket to the paid events, which you can buy online, at the box office in the city or near the entrance to the festival). This separate ticket allows not buying the entrance ticket to the event area.

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 Nylka and Vylka - PART 2 - children's theatre play

Nylka and Vylka - PART 2 - children's theatre play

  • 27.09.2015
  • 15:00
  • Theater

dir. Elena Gremina

Entrance fee - 200 UAH. adult, 100 UAH. children.

For children over 4 years old and their parents
Scenario Helena Gremina
Actors: Tatyana Parshin Konstantin Kozhevnikov / Nikita Shetinin
Continued beloved spectacle theater dock for the youngest viewers' Nylka and Vylka in kindergarten. "
The rebellious heroine grew up and faced the terrible injustice ... The family has a younger brother. And as though the girls may try to behave, no matter how many letters of the poetry reading and good behavior nor received, all the attention is focused on the adult little sweeties. "Whose glazonki? Whose legs hurt? "
Playwright Elena Gremina and actors of the theater with the audience finds a way out of difficult situations, often faced by children and their parents.