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Euripides. Iphigenia in Tauris. Bride of terrorist

Euripides. Iphigenia in Tauris. Bride of terrorist

  • 26.09.2015
  • 19:00
  • Theater

Director – Dmitro Kostuminsky with help of Ihor Aronov

Entrance fee - 200 hrn

The first Ukrainian theatrical series by motives of Ancient Greek tragedies by Euripides. Technological-visual-musical-dramatic play.

The first Ukrainian theatrical series by motives of Ancient Greek tragedies by Euripides.
Technological-visual-musical-dramatic play “Iphigenia in Taurus. Bride for terrorist“
Episode 1, series 1
The play with prologue, 3 acts and 7 appearances
Iphigenia the victim. Iphigenia the priestess. Iphigenia the loving sister.
The play is based on classical tragedy by Euripides, rethought and adapted to modern reality. Ancient Greek tragedy crosses modern dimension and becomes actual today. During many centuries Euripides` tragedies make mankind to build dialogue between different social categories, attempt to fix social relationships, balance society’s structure by democratic principles.
The play reflects relationships between Ukraine, on the stage of building its independence, and countries that have leading positions on world’s arena. The scene – Taurus, modern Crimea.
Taurus became the birthplace of the concept of “unity” and the place of vector determination which was directed to unify individual nations into one UNITED Rus. The adoption of Christianity in Rus had placed Slavic society on the new stage of development of the religion which is in decline today. Ideas of Christian radicalism get more and more active support.
The God is dead – destruction of ideas about guarantor of mankind existenсe, that is situated beyond borders of proximate empirical life, that contains the plan of history that gives more sense to the world.
The new page of Ukrainian history opened by world community has identified individual’s “I” as the concept of “NATION”, which has reached the pain border now.
There is a war in our country, enemy uses not only military methods, but also psychological forms of attack. Crimea is now possessed by another country.
Ukrainian society now lives through the change of meanings, moving of guidelines that lead to breaking of personality in society. We live surrounded by simulacra, artificially created forms, imposed images and ideals. A person is in expectation, fear of unknown, in pain of loss that cuts the living flesh, deprives tired organism of last drops of hope.
Modern human, watching news all the time, loses the border between the real and fake world, created by media. We all are stuck in digital world, perceiving reality through displays of devices.
While our life floats in news feed, all emotions and feelings break into pixels, ecumenical mind feeds itself.
Total globalisation of the world (informative and economical) leads to decline, that causes the fight of system with itself and appearance of more and more world and civil conflicts. To deal with problem we should sacrifice something. In present historical epoch, development of radical Islamism idea, which has been in fact brought by the system itself, suited very well, and because of that Islam received the label of world terrorism which needs to be fought with.
In the epoch of worldwide struggle, change of social order and geopolitical repartition of existing borders, Iphigenia stands on the checkpoint of disappearing world. She is lost, doesn’t understand her inner voice. She hesitates whether it worth to commit heroic act, sacrifice herself and her motherland.

“The terrorist hypothesis is that the system itself suicides in response to the multiple challenges of death and suicide. Neither the system, nor power, themselves escape symbolic obligation -and in this trap resides the only chance of their demise” Jean Baudrillard

Director – Dmitro Kostuminsky with help of Ihor Aronov

Scenography - Dmitro Kostuminsky

Text – Euripides (adaptation by Dmitro Kostuminsky)
Composer and Live electronic – Oleksiy Retinsky
Voice – Nazgul Shukayeva
Сhoir – “alter ratio” under the guidance of Olha Prychodko
Drums – Olha Shabelska
Graphical visual part – TENPOINT (Maxym Pobrezhsky, Oleksiy Tyshchenko), Dmitro Kostuminsky
Light - Dmitro Kostuminsky, Maria Volkova
Costumes - Dmitro Kostuminsky, Julia Anderson
Sound director – Anastasia Mazurenko

Iphigenia – Victoria Lytvynenko
Orest – Ihor Aronov
Pilad – Ivan Zavertaliuk
Choir (People), the same (Moirai) – Kloto, Lachesa, Atropa; the same (Erynies) – Tisiphone, Alecto – alter ratio

Video and promo materials:
Director - Dmitro Kostuminsky, Andriy Koshkin
Cameramen – Victor Marvin, Andriy Dziunia, Oksana Nosach
Sound – Artem Artemenko
Administration and PR-support - Olha Artemenko, Kateryna Rostovtseva
Polygraphy design – Sergiy Chebotariov

Production : DollMen Theater Company with support of Minor academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Science and Art Center “DIYA”, Dovzhenko film studio, DocuToloka.


Entrance fee - 200 hrn