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Policy of Paid Events

Entrance to the festival is paid during 11 days.

Price: 50 UAH, (opening day - 80 UAH)

From Monday till Friday - from 15:00 to 23:30
Saturday and Sunday - from 12:00 to 23:30

The entrance ticket allows to visit the territory of the festival and free events.

There is a separate ticket to the paid events, which you can buy online, at the box office in the city or near the entrance to the festival). This separate ticket allows not buying the entrance ticket to the event area.

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Game of reality

Game of reality

  • 17.09.2015
  • Visual art
    Visual programme (21 pavilion)

Free entrance 

Illusion and reality, utopia and dystopia - all are binary oppositions, on a fragile balance of which the project "Game into a reality" built the project. The pendulum of history ranges from utopia to dystopia, flows from romanticized dreams to the social and political scenarios, which are so close to fiction. The reality is conditional. It depends on who is an interpreter. The project is built on the such contradictory aspects of life as war, sex, politics and relations the Man - the System, the Artist - the Society, the Us and the Others. Fear, hate, hope, love, personal experience and genetic memory of each, as well as thousands of other nuances and details are the theme of the visual program "Game into a reality». The main locations of the visual program: pavilions № 21, №13. Top / bottom. Utopia / dystopia. Installations, performances and Paticipational intervention will be also presented in other halls of the festival (№ 9, 19, 38) and the public space. The other parts of the visual program: - GogolfotoLab (pavilion number 21) with a daily program of workshops and Vork-shops with analog and digital photos, meetings with photographers and curators, in particular, will be submitted to the Austrian-Ukrainian project "VASA" - the largest archive Kharkov school of conceptual photography (1970 - 2000). - The theater of the 21st pavilion will present the program of the international festival of video art and a series of film screenings InMediTerraneum - films of Yuri Leiderman and Andrei Silvestrova "Birmingham ornament" and «Birmingham ornament 2". In addition, a series of presentations will be held on regional and Ukrainian international projects, art initiatives and institutions. The projects will present "4th Block", «Odessa-Batumi", Photocult, Aza Nizi Maza, Grafprom. Within the visual program, with the support of the American Embassy in Ukraine, John Melvin, together with Ukrainian colleagues will create a kinetic installation of metal construction which will be changing within ten days of the festival.