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Policy of Paid Events

Entrance to the festival is paid during 11 days.

Price: 50 UAH, (opening day - 80 UAH)

From Monday till Friday - from 15:00 to 23:30
Saturday and Sunday - from 12:00 to 23:30

The entrance ticket allows to visit the territory of the festival and free events.

There is a separate ticket to the paid events, which you can buy online, at the box office in the city or near the entrance to the festival). This separate ticket allows not buying the entrance ticket to the event area.

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Presentation of project "Chornobyl360"

Presentation of project "Chornobyl360"

  • 18.09.2015
  • 16:30
  • Cinema
    Cinemathetre (6 Pavillion)

"Chornobyl360" is the first interactive Ukrainian documentary, able to be seen with using a technology of virtual reality.
Written by Kyrylo Pokutnyy.
Director: Igor Strembitsky.

Chernobyl 360 is the first Ukrainian interactive documentary in virtual reality. Due to the technology of presence the spectator feels like a direct participant, experiences the history and perceives the information deeper, feels empathy for the heroes. Interactivity allows the viewer to make decisions about further developments and control the plot. Watching the movie is available both via virtual reality glasses (Oculus, Gear VR et al.) and on smartphones, tablets and computers. The project is created with common efforts of the experts of the 360 content, programming and design industry and professional filmmakers. Igor Strembitsky, winner of the Cannes Film Festival in 2005, is a project director. The release date is planned on the 30 anniversary of the tragedy at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 2016. Kirill Pokutny, author of the idea and co-founder of the Worldwide Innovation Technologies and Verum Visum, presents the project. Organizer of the initiatives aimed at promoting innovative approaches to education for children and young people using software, electronics, 3D-printing, design processes and other technologies and techniques in Ukraine. I-doc presentation – Elena Stuliy, film director, member of the Chernobyl 360 team. What is i-doc? Structure and logic of the i-doc films. How much i-doc is developed abroad and whether it exists in Ukraine? What is virtual reality? What technologies are used to create it? How to shoot and watch 360 videos? How to build a story in virtual reality? How much is the virtual reality cinema developed abroad? How Chernobyl 360 is created? Achievements, plans and prospects of the Chernobyl 360 project.